Suitable disinfectants for mycobacteria

Suitable disinfectants for mycobacteria

In the latest Veterinary Record, Mr Nigel Gibbens, the UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer, advises that given the recent spate of suspected cat-to-human, and cat-to-cat transmission of Mycobacterium bovis infections, disinfection of surfaces in veterinary practices handling such cases should be carried out using appropriate agents. Mycobacteria tend to be relatively resistant to a number of routinely used disinfectants because of their tough, waxy cell wall. Disinfectants (and their concentrations) that are active against mycobacteria include Avisafe (Vetafarm Europe Ltd) (1g/2ml), Antigermen Potente (Zoetis, Belgium) (1g/15ml), TriGene (CEVA, Australia) (1:20 to 1:100).


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